Hi, I was going to maybe buy a used Tsali. It's a 20". I would have to have it shipped to me. If I don't get this one, I'll get a different Litespeed. I guess they are just the bike I want, and there seem to be s good few in my price range.

So, I am just a hair over 6 feet and my inseam is 35". My torso and arms and legs are all in proportion.

What size frame would I go for? I can always fine tune the cranks, stem...maybe, but I've got to start right, and I would want this bike to fit really well.

Secondly, does anyone have or have had a tsali? How did you feel about it? I weight 193. Are there any issues with the chainstay breaking from years of flexing or any other priblems with these bikes? This one I'm looking at is a 2002, and hardly ridden and very well maintained. I was able to call the shop mechanic who just tuned it up and he said it was "mint".