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    Niota Al rear triangle failures

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbfox
    Looks like the Niota AL is as vulnerable as the Tomac. Just dropped mine off at the bike shop for a crack where the chain stay meets the bottom bracket...The bike shop said they have seen a couple of these with the exact same crack... I guess the strength difference between Titanium and Aluminum is pretty significant. If only the Niota Ti wasn't as expensive as my car.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbfox
    I rode the Niota for less than 1 year. Actually got it as a replacement for my Broken Eli the middle of last summer. I am not sure at what point the crack occured. A friend of mine in Moab was checking out the rear suspension setup on the Niota and noticed a hairline crack all the way around the weld. I decided to take it in immediately and avoid a disastrous breakage on the trail somewhere. Just got word that the frame will be warrantied and a I should have a replacement in a couple of weeks... If there are issues with the new bike (#5) then I will have to suck it up and go with something else. Even if the frames continue to be replaced under warranty, I don't want to constantly worry about a high speed blowup.
    Quote Originally Posted by schwing_ding
    Have all five been in a 3 year window? I am wondering, because once the origional 3 year window is up that may be the timeframe. Unless the clock starts ticking at each new frame, which I doubt. This gives me serious pause in accepting this frame. I have not heard of anything like this in any other design period. Yes, I have heard of failures, just not at this rate and with so many sources. The night before the race where I broke mine, someone rode up to me on a Niota AL, which was a replacement for his Eli under warranty. At the time, I understood the Eli to have the problem, not the Revolver so I discounted it. After my Revolver broke, research showed that this was somewhat of a trend like the Eli's. This is the first I am starting to hear about recurring failures in the Niota AL. It makes sense if it is built in the same factory using the same series of aluminum, and the same heat treatment process. My real concern is having this thing come apart underneath me during a critical time. Either catistrophic failure leading to an injury, or structural failure in the middle of nowhere. BTW, I know frames fail, that is accepted. Recently a friend of mine had a Sewanee repaired for a cracked weld in the chain stay where it meets the bridge. And yes, ABG took good care of him. My concern is with the rate of failure for the frames in question.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbfox
    Well, after lots of indecision I decided that I did not want to worry about breaking another aluminum frame. Worked a deal with Litespeed to exchange the broken Niota Al for the Ti version of the same frame. It costs more to upgrade than I wanted to spend right now, but I think it should work out better in the long run. As frustrated as I am about breaking 4 frames in 3 years, I am happy to at least work out something allowing me to get a bike that I can hopefully be happy with. I guess time will tell

    The above section was a tangent I cut and pasted from the show-us-your-bike thread and it is of particular interest to me as I'm considering buying a new Niota Ti.
    Are these failures on the Niota Al confined to the rear triangle?
    I'm concerned because Herbert from Litespeed says the new 2007 Niota Ti is switching to an Al rear triangle to make it more affordable (over $1k less)... but if the Al rear triangle is prone to such failures then I don't think the cost savings would be worth the aggravation and down time resulting from a possible failure. Should I be considering an all Ti model instead? Thanks!

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    I brought this up to my LBS when I bought my Niota AL, and they haven't seen a break in the 3 years that they have been selling the Niota AL.... or any frame issues with Litespeed bikes for that matter.

    I remember seeing a post about the rear triangle going for $250 through your Litespeed dealer. So if your break falls out of the warranty, it isn't an unreasonable replacement cost.
    Herbert can verify if this is true.

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