Sorry for the spam.

My buddy has a 1998 Hiwassee. Any interest out there? Just frame or whole bike either way. Its in great shape. It maybe has 500-600 miles on it and that is an exageration. He bought it in 1998 and really hasnt ridden much. I road it yesterday. Its in great shape.

I can get you full specs on the bike if there is any interest. I know there are race face cranks(doesnt help much because of all the different ones), LX Vbrakes, He has 2 sets of wheels. One set is the spinergy's and the other set are 517's with Kris king hubs.

Pretty sure the rear deraileur is a sram, but not sure what model, and there are grip shifts on the Ti litespeed bar. Seat post is a Ti litespeed as well. Kris king head set. Thats what I remember.

I can get pics too.

Any interest left for this bike at alll out there?