I've posted various places about my favorite bike, a '90 Alpinestars Ti Mega e-stay. On a moderate climb last Wednesday am, KA-RAACKK! The BB shell done broke off, not on the welds, which are fine, but a little above it, where it's held by the down tube and seat tube. No warning, no creaking, didn't feel wimpy prior to that, and I climbed a couple steeper pitches just before that. That's one drawback to the e-stay design, without chainstays attaching to the BB shell to help stabilize it, it's mroe free to flex, and over time, flex kills metal, even ti. Considering what I got it for, not worth fixing. If money was no object, I'd have someone build another one, only with way thicker tube walls in the seat and down tubes. Still got 3 ti hardtails. The worst part is now its 1 1/4" rigid ti fork has no home, and it was the sweetest riding fork I got.
I've seen aluminum e-stay frames with BBs busted off the same way, only they mostly died in a couple of years, so 14 years ain't bad. Old Proflexes were notorious for this failure. But my other bikes steer like busses on tight switchbacks, compared to the AStar's 40.5" wheelbase.