XS or Wilma?

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  • 05-03-2014
    XS or Wilma?
    I just got a X2 for a helmet light and am looking into getting something to run on the bars. I was leaning towards the Wilma but maybe the XS would work well to pair with the X2. Cost aside what would be the better choice?
  • 05-03-2014
    Even though I'm bias and really love the Lupines I got to go with the XS on this one for two reasons. One it is better to have two lights that are compatible with each other so as everything will work,,, battery's,, chargers, etc. Two,,, the Wilma in my opinion has a narrow beam better suited for the helmet like the X2 where as the XS stock set up is much better suited for the bars as the beam is broader, also you can customize your beam pattern with different lenses from Glo-Worm to suit your taste.

    If you like a narrow beam then you cant go wrong with the Wilma, keeping in mind there is no compatibility between the two systems. Cheers!!:)
  • 05-03-2014
    I agree wholeheartedly with indebt. Moreover, the XS has a remote, a feature that you will likely find invaluable. If I were starting from scratch, I would buy two XSs (bar & helmet).
  • 05-04-2014
    The battery argument is a good one for sure. A major cost of lights is the replacements of the batteries - a slow motion consumable.

    That said, I really like my Wilma. It's just such a dependable light with total top quality batteries. Nothing I've had holds up like the Lupine lights I have. Plus they have fantastic build quality.

    Beam shaping is a personal thing, but I don't find the Wilma too narrow at all. For reference, if you are riding down a two lane road, it will pretty much illuminate the entire width very well. I wouldn't want it much wider and really would prefer it a touch narrower (or at least have the choice).

    At this point in the lighting world at 2000+ of honest lumens, it's pretty hard to go wrong. Quantity (of lumens) is a quality all it's own.

  • 05-08-2014
    Can't go wrong with either way.