So this is my short review of the xera flashlight.

I use it for commuting year round in moderately hilly mostly bike lane areas. I use the wide lens.

the good:
*I can remove it from the bike when entering stores.
*Its puts out quite a lot of light on high and has a flash mode on high.
*Its small
*Seems quite rugged and idiot proof.
*Lumens per volume this has to be at the absolute top shelf for a flashlight.
*Quite cheap.
*All METAL construction, except the lenses and actual rear switch and its rubber protection obviously, should be very, very durable over the years, com pared to mostly plastic lights and whatnot. All openings are are threaded metal, no usb port etc.

the bad:
*the rear switch was not working properly and the light would revert to a setting lower than the lowest after a few minutes.
it also got unresponsive and sometimes wouldn't even turn on at all. I got a new switch though, for free, and now its flawless.
*Even with the wide lens its not very wide, its a flashlight, but compared to other flashlights its a really badass one.
*Runtime on one 18650 is short, about 1.5h or slightly more on high, needs to be charged every day, and you need to open it up and remove the battery for this.
*Not really suitable for anything but commuting since its not really that high output or wide beam. As a single light that is.
*The mount (I use the red oring mount that you just snap the light into) tends to not stay put, all bumps makes it turn downward since its front heavy. It doesn't move much, but it moves.

All in all its a very good flashlight, compared to other flashlights its extremely small/light for this lumen output and the beam is very wide and usable and well defined and it has a very equal distribution of photons in the illuminated ring (imo), its like having your own private sun to shine on things.
As a bike light?? Not that good, would need longer runtime (which is not possible on 1 18650) and wider beam, like 100% wider, and like 2x the output, at least. But nothing like that exist today, not from a single emitter.

No one that has seen it has seen anything "better" though (not even close), when used as flashlight. I gotta give it that.

On the car bone scale of badassness I give it 3,5 out of 5. For what it is... And for flashlight use I give it 5,1 of 5.