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    Who makes a light with XM-l2 with Neutral white tint?

    Purchased awhile back the Yinding clone from Aliexpress with this set up, and I really like the Neutral tint. Too bad the construction quality is a POS.

    But when used with my other light sets ( Gemini duo), the cool white and neutral tints really don't match up well. I don't know why more company's don't use the neutral tint. For mtb in forested terrain and most outdoor settings, the tint is far superior to the cool white most companies are using.

    Gemini, Gloworm, and Xeccon with that tint would rock!

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    I have become a fan of the neutral tints too. Cool white cranks out a few more lumens than neutral or warm and allows for bigger numbers in the ads. That's why most companies use them.

    Check with MTBR user scar about his Amoeba lights. I think he'll pretty much customize it however you want and quality is top notch.

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    Hey eggdog, yes I can build you a light in whatever tint you would like. Shoot me an email (my address is in my signature) and I can forward you some info.


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