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    Jul 2005
    Raleigh bottle generator + light, circa 1970s, wearing out tire sidewalls and/or blowing bulbs while racing down Clarendon Street in San Francisco

    A succession of battery lights

    Light & Motion ARC HID, bright as hell but the scattered light washed out trail details

    Light & Motion Vega rechargeable commuter light, good output but battery capacity diminished quickly meaning too much time riding with the low charge indicator blinking

    Schmidt New Son 28 dyno hub + Supernova E3 Pro LED light on Eriksen titanium roadbike, it opened a new world

    Schimdt New Son 28 disc hub + Supernova E3 Pro 2 on Spicer titanium mountain cruiser commuter, "the Eveready"

    Supernova dyno tail lights added to both systems above

    Serfas TL-HLMT light zip-tied into the rearmost vent of an XL Giro Aeon helmet (the fit is so perfect it looks factory installed)

    A miscellaneous collection of rubberized blinky blinkies from Knog and Niterider

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    Apr 2013
    Nightrider classic w waterbottle battery
    Nightrider HID x2
    Magicshine 808 x2
    Lupine Betty x2 (currently)

    Lupine Betty R x2 (future)
    I think in the current market Lupine is the way to go. With my experience over the years with these lights, you get what you pay for.

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    Niterider Trail Rat 10W
    Niterider Enduro HID
    Serfas TSL-1500
    Serfas True 750

    Huge fan of the Serfas lights. Well-engineered and are true to specs. I run the 1500 on my helmet and the 750 I got this fall on the bars. May add another 750 next year for the bars since it works so well. Love the self-contained setup - no cords. The 1500 is killer bright.


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