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    I understand you are new around here

    My miniature 2 LED light with battery mounted to the helmet was the first like it at the time (over 5 years ago!). It was the time of "light wars" when everyone was trying to build/sell monster lights. Lupine came out with the Piko a few years later I have lights being used all over the world by commuters, mtn bikers, and endurance racers. Don't need to advertise other than word of mouth and posting up here on MTBR. Please give me a break, I am not even close to trying to push my lights in every thread. I am simply picking the threads that I think are appropriate and trying to show people there are other options than disposable Chinese lights. How about a product produced with "personal pride", you ever hear about one of those nowadays?

    That is what is so great about getting a "custom" built light from me. You can choose bar mounted, helmet mounted, or a tailight. What LED's do you want - XP-G2's or XM-L2's? What color of LED's to you want - 5000K or 6500K? You want a tail light? What color - red or amber?

    Here, check out all my previous posts - This is not the only forum I post in


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    Quote Originally Posted by scar View Post
    My miniature 2 LED light with battery mounted to the helmet was the first like it at the time (over 5 years ago!).
    well that's what you have to do when you're a little guy going up against the big boys - you have to out-innovate them - not once, but all the time.

    even Lupine can barely sell the Pikos any more because there are so many clones out there.

    5 years is LOOOOONG time in LED business.

    today there are bar and helmet lights for every budget and taste - made in China, US, Germany or Britain - whichever pleases the customer. my helmet light for example is designed and assembled in US.

    there just aren't any niches left in headlight market IMO.

    on the other hand in the tail light market there is only Dinotte, NiteFlux, DesignShine and that's it. all 3 have severe shortcomings:

    Dinotte - no usable spill.
    NiteFlux - not bright enough to stand out against car tail lights.
    DesignShine - sold out. always.

    in other words, the field is still open.

    the field is even more open for spoke lights. the only contenders here are MonkeyLectric and Bike After Dark ( i own both ). and again, both have serious shortcomings:

    MonkeyLectric - expensive, heavy, cumbersome, looks reta4ded.
    Bike After Dark - fragile, no color options, no possibility of dimming etc.

    that field is WIDE open.

    what i'm saying is that as a little guy ( as opposed to something like NiteRider, Lupine, or Light & Motion ) you should focus on innovating, and there are only certain areas in which one can still meaningfully innovate.

    i just gave you two.

    a third area even more neglected is a helmet mounted tail light. here there is only ONE contender altogether ! and that is of course Red Zone 8.

    in the end its up to you. if you want to be squeezed on one side by big companies and on the other by chinese slave labor then don't innovate.

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    If you can't come close to staying on topic, don't post!

    Anyway, back to the OP's question. If you want a wide beam pattern that will light up right in front of you maybe consider something like this: FandyFire YR-01 CREE XP-G R5 1000 LM 3 Mode Bike Light - Grey (6x18650)

    It should be a pretty floody/wide pattern. And it should be pretty bright, and it's fairly cheap. There are really tons of options, that's just one.

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