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    Which style is prefered ??

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    One of each. You really will want one on your bar and one on your helmet. Both of those will work and will be more spot lights but will work fine. The dual is a good helmet light and the other will work on your bars well if you add a compatible wide-angle lens to spread the light out a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TiGeo View Post
    One of each. You really will want one on your bar and one on your helmet.
    This. Riding with one light, particularly if bar mounted, makes for some odd optical illusions, particularly on rocky downhills (things look steeper, rocks look bigger). Having two lights mounted at different heights (bar, helmet) helps eliminate this effect.

    Go light on the helmet (100 gram light head) and long run time on the bars.

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    For sure you need the two light set up one on the bars and another on the helmet. Too many odd shadows if you dont have the head lamp. I myself like two on the bars pointed at different angles and a good single on the helmet. So on your ride up you can conserve power with just one on low on the bars and save the rest for the ride down.

    Familiar trails are always best till you get used to the light, then you will be hooked and night rides are a blast. Have fun and enjoy!!

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