Im running a Blackburn rear rack that is mounted to my seat post.

I found that due to the inherent flex in this design, and the weight of the rack itself, that a simple, clip-mounted light, just wont stay on when going over bumps. The problem lies in the bounce/jolt from the tires, and the far aft position of the light mounting fixture. I tried to get this setup to work with a cat-eye rear light, and it was bucked loose 3 times.

I recently switched the rack to my new Surly KM, and got myself a spanking new PlanetBike Superflash Turbo, which is much brighter, and has a much more reliable clip.

Even though the clip seems to be more robust, and could probably do the job all by itself, I wasnt about to take a chance on a 30 dollar light.

Here is my simple solution:

Using some Rescue Tape, that can be found at Ace Hardware stores, I wrapped the light and the clip together, under the rack mounting bracket, essentially locking the light to the bike.

This setup is very strong, but also can rattle, so if you need to have a silent ride over bumps, use some 3m foam double sided adhesive tape and insulate the clip from vibration that way.

The clear rescue tape has nearly no effect on the center LED's performance, and is basically completely passive to the lights function. I also read horror stories of folks with Superflash products that had the lens and electronics come loose and crash to the ground after a hard bounce, and this method eliminates that problem too.

What do you think?