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    self-contained helmet light with gopro style mount?

    Looking for a light weight, integrated battery, 2 hour life helmet light ... Anything out there yet that'll mount directly to the gopro mount on my bell helmet?
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    There is a light called Folkslight from My tiny sun that has a GoPro compatible mount. Better choice for a helmet light IMO would be to contact Scar on this forum and look at his Amoeba lights. Not self contained though. The battery mounts on the helmet just behind the light. I'm pretty sure he could set it up with a GoPro compatible mount.

    The Serfas True 500 and Cygolite Expillion have been converted to GoPro mounts using my GoPro adapters. Details on those are in a thread over in the DIY lights forum here...

    MagicShine GoPro Replacment Mount

    Posts 107 and 110 show those lights.

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