• 03-02-2013
    Same light on both handlebar and helmet?
    I'm looking at the Niterider Lumina 650. I know that I will need a light each for my handlebars and helmet; any problem running the same light on both? Or is there a good reason to have different lights?

    Also, I noticed that the Lumina 650 is an integrated battery, which is very convenient. What's the advantage of having an external battery? Just longer life?

  • 03-03-2013
    A lot of people run the same light on the bar and helmet. That's no big deal.

    There's two main advantages to running a system with external battery.
    1) The light head is lighter, so it moves doesn't move around as much. It makes the on-the helmet light more comfortable
    2) The external battery gives you more runtime, but it's also easier to carry spare batteries and swap the batteries on the trail.

    The 650's are nice, but there's no way to swap batteries on the trail. So once you run out of juice, there's nothing you can do out on the trail. Some all-in-one lights, lezyne and cygo's have the ability to swap the batteries on the trail.

    Of course this only matters if you are trying to do long rides, say 2 hours or so. The magicshine 808 type of light are a popular option, because you can do an almost 3 hour ride on high and they are cheaper than the niteriders. Personally I want extra battery time, in case I run into unexpected mechanical trouble. The Luminas are nice lights though, and I've heard that Niteride has good customer service.
  • 03-05-2013
    On helmet i recommend NiteFighter BT11, it is ligweight and compact size but also has around 400lumens output. It uses single 3800mAh real capacity 26650 battery.Battery pack made from aluminum but also lightweight and you can replace battery by you self.