• 01-24-2013
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    Replacement for O-ring light mounts
    So I had my new set of Gemini lights on order and was searching around trying to find some other way to mount the Duo on the bar besides the O-ring mount. I wanted to find a QR mount I could remove easily and looked nice. Ideally I wanted it to sit out in front of the bar a little way or even position the light in front of the stem.

    I was able to find one that fit all my needs, except mounting directly in front of the stem. 3 out of 4 wasn't bad!

    Anyone remember TurboCat lights? Somehow I stumbled on their web site that has been up for years now. I knew they were based close to where I live so I dropped an email to Tom to ask about their "ultimate QR mount" that was sold separately and used to come with some of their light kits. Tom was a really nice guy that still has some old parts lying around and was great to chat with. He still services his TurboCat sets when needed too.

    This mount is fantastic!

    Im not sure why nobody else is making a mount like this for all the lights out there now. Im pretty sure you could fit this to just about any cheap Magicshine type light to streamline your bars. The only thing better would be one that the arm curved to sit directly in front of the stem (Bar Fly Garmin mount style) but that is only a silly request. I could not be happier with this mount and it was fun to connect with a longtime MTB guy that has been around for years.

    He has more of these things in his garage too. I think they are worth the money if you want to upgrade your LED lamp mount. Drop him a line at turbocat@roadrunner.com and tell him you saw my post. (Im not being paid for this I was just super excited about the find and the fit and think Tom is a nice guy).

    Also I wanted to share the slick mount spot for the Xera light on my Kali Amara helmet. The O-ring and light head fit perfectly on here making for a super clean and low profile helmet position. 2-cell battery straps perfectly at the very back of the helmet near the base of your skull. Very comfortable on the trails!
  • 01-24-2013
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    Captain Crash
    out of business

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    They are gone.

    OUR DOORS ON 10/15/13."
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    Action LED Lights
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    Quick Release Mount for Gemini Lights
    We have a nice Quick Release Mount that fits all Gemini lights.

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