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I ended up going with the Gemini Olympia/4cell for the bars and the duo/2cell for the helmet.

Went on a short 30 min ride to test things out last night. Was paranoid the whole time about the light or battery coming off the frame. I'm riding an ibis mojo so the 4cell battery doesn't fit very conveniently.

Does anyone have mounting advice or should I not worry about it? I used the one Velcro strap for the Olympia battery but still worried the whole time about losing it.

Plenty bright but I just need some reassurance that the stuff ain't gonna fly off through rooty terrain.
I have the same set up and went for my first ride with them tonight. I put the Olympia battery in my Revelate Gas Tank. Fit perfectly and I had room for some extra goodies. While my ride was undoubtedly smoother and slower than yours (I was on my Moonlander and I'm fat and out of shape) I don't think you would have to worry about it coming out.