• 10-13-2012
    Piko TL Max, Light & Motion Taz 1200 or Exposure Toro
    I am currently looking for a new torch style light for my bars. I am currently running a Lupine Piko 3 for my helmet light and have narrowed my search down to the 3 following lights for the bars.

    Lupine Piko TL Max
    Exposure Toro
    Light & Motion Taz 1200

    I've seen the L&M Taz in person, but did not get to see the beam b/c it was during the day at the LBS. I know that Lupine's and Exposure build quality are also both bery good.

    Does anyone have personal experiences with any of the 3 lights above?
  • 10-15-2012
    ok, don't go crazy with the replies..:) Does anyone have any thoughts on any of these 3 lights?
  • 10-16-2012
    Speaking from personal experience:
    - L&M: the best beam pattern of all of these lights, however reliability is questionable. I've had some bad experience with an Urban model, so I would think twice before buying anything from L&M. YMMV.
    - Exposure: I love my Diablo, which is the same as the Toro with a smaller battery. The beam is perhaps not the best for bar mounting, but it has some accessories the others don't, for example, a remote switch, which is a requirement for bar lights IMHO.
    - Lupine: good, but not wide beam pattern, best quality & service, pricey. But you know this already...

    What are your expectations? Are you going to use the lights on or off road? How important is the price? Do you need backup batteries? These are all going to affect your decision.
  • 10-16-2012
    I plan on using the light off road. I am looking to replace a L&M Seca 700 I currently have on the bars and I am generally looking for something brighter with a better throw. The L&M beam pattern seems to be too low and I don't have good coverage in the midddle line of sight. I am using the Piko on my helmet.

    When I bought the Piko I also tested out the Diablo, it was a tough choice btw the two, but the 1 hour burn time was the reason I sent the Diablo back (could not get the piggyback battery to mount good on my helmet).

    In terms of cost, it is always a consideration, but I will spend a little bit more for a quality product. I can get the Taz for around $250, the Toro for $360 and the Piko TL is $400. The piko tl is the most expensive and the lowest lumen power. Hard to justify the additional cost for the Piko, considering the other 2 lights are good quality and more powerful.

    I am only really considering torch style lights because I am tired of having to mount the battery and wrap the power cord each time I ride at night.
  • 10-16-2012
    The self contained lights will have a lower run time. I use a L&M Taz 1200. Good unit but I'm lukewarm on the mounting strap. Also, it won't charge with a low capacity charger. You need a higher capacity one like an Apple USB block like I use for my iPad.

    As to the mounting strap, mine is fine so far. But I'd also like a bolt-on mounting bracket of some sort so I could leave it on the bike all the time.

    I've had a number of L&M products over the years and have always liked them. Never a quality issue for me. All design has compromises, so I get that nothing will be perfect for everyone.
  • 12-05-2012

    Originally Posted by cmd74 View Post
    I am only really considering torch style lights because I am tired of having to mount the battery and wrap the power cord each time I ride at night.

    I'm with you on this. I ride with a NiteRider Minewt600 on the bars just as backup light. Ideally I want a 900+ lumen self-contained flood light with a minimum 3 hour run time for $200-$300. I think it will take another year or two to get there (I see the price of the Taz1200 is already dropping). Have you tried or seen the new FULLBEAM ( [Full Beam - High Performance Bike Lights) led lights? Also British like Exposure, and very pricey. Francois is busy reviewing the top model.
  • 12-10-2012
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