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    Nightlighning iBlaast EX

    Just had my first ride on the Nightlightning iBlaast EX. The New Zealand made iBlaast EX is a 3 XM-L led light that is powered by a b3 flex 3000ma driver. The light head including cord but not mounting hardware is about 180 grams. My goal was to get 1 light that I can mount on handlebars and not be limited on how fast I can go due to lack of light. I enjoy fast singletrack here in SC so I needed the light to have a good throw, but also a good spill to be able to tackle the tight twisting trails here. I can say that with the iBlaast EX mission is accomplished. Ran light at 2400 ma (not full power) and was able to ride as fast as I wanted without holding back. I am powering the light with a 14.8v 4400mah lithium ion battery pack. After a little over 1hr 15 min. I had not hit the halfway point on the battery. I am very pleased with this light. Just thought I would post some information on this great light. The fine folks at Nightlightning actually upgraded my original iBlaast with Seoul LEDs to the current configuration. If you are in the market for an excellent light check out the Nightlightning!


    FYI all prices on website are NZL $,which is about .85 of US $.

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    Yeah, I've been long time customer of Nightlightning, they are a first rate company to deal with.
    I also upgraded my original IBlaasts, but to IBlaast IX specs instead of the newer EX.
    Rob, I'd love to see some beamshots if you get the chance.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Have to agree, they make great lights. I have a Iblaast IX and an Iblaast II. I should really get the II upgraded to an EX but is actually quite expensive by the time I factor in customs and the bigger battery that I'd need. I live in the UK and don't regret buying these. They have been 100% reliable 3 years on.

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    I have an iBlaast II from 2008, it still works great but I'm planning to upgrade it soon. I'm debating if the EX spec (up to 3000lm) is needed, or if the 2000lm option is still a significant upgrade.

    Also I designed a bracket for the iBlaast lights that works with GoPro mounts, as I didn't really care for the mount that came with the iBlaast light. If anyone else is interested in one, you can buy it on Shapeways.

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