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    Quote Originally Posted by pucked up View Post
    Most of my night rides are with myself. I do bring with me my blackberry and I have a program set that when the GPS notice that I have not move for more than 45mins, it'll send a text/bbm to my contacts as to the location I"m currently at and to send for help.

    You may want to see if your smart phone has this kind of program / app. It may be worth installing just in case you get in to trouble while on the trail day or night, if you ride a lone a lot. Hopefully you're in cell range when you're out on the trail. Most of the trails I ride are.
    I've heard of a lot of apps that provide remote tracking but one that automatically sends a text when not moving for 45 min....that is something I want to look into. Pucked, can you provide the name of the app. I realize it's to work with a Blackberry ( which almost nobodies uses anymore.. ) but I might be able to find something similar for us Android/Iphone folks.

    I'm likely going to set-up my older Sis with the remote tracking program. Next I'll be downloading an app that gives me quick access to my position ( lat/long ) I already have an emergency contact app but have yet to set it up.

    I'm listening very intently to what people are saying here about traumatic brain injury (TBI). With my upper body strength fading with age something like TBI seems more likely to occur if in a really bad fall. I really do want something like that auto-45min call system. It could just be the thing that might save my life on one of my remote backwoods excursions. Just got to remember to turn all the junk apps on/off when appropriate.

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    when I ride alone, night or day, I always leave a very detailed route map with my wife (I now have a laminated map that I draw the route on) and check in with her at every intersection. With the type of trails I ride, that's usually every 15-30min, so it's not too onerous and some of them are at the end of horrible long climbs so it's nice to stop for a bit anyway. That way, if something does happen and I don't call within an hour, then she can pass on my rough location within a mile or two to the rescue services (plus the lag between any accident and them being called should be shorter).

    It's not foolproof, obviously, but it strikes me as being pretty sensible and keeps the wife happy.

    Other than having enough light to spend the night in the woods, the precautions aren't really any different to what you'd take during the day. I managed to smash my face on a very big rock (and, it turns out, crack my helmet and give myself concussion) on an evening ride a couple of weeks ago, which could have ended badly even though I was with a friend. As it was I just flushed everything out, straightened my glasses and nose, and kept riding for another couple of hours Even better, I managed to hide it from the wife until the following morning, so I didn't get any grief that night

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