• 03-13-2014
    Cash Hunter
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    NEW Fenix Quick-release Bike Mount ALB-10
    Split-type design for quick release
    Fits handlebar with diameter of 22mmó35mm
    Fits flashlights with diameter of 18mmó26mm
    Rotating 30 degree design adjusts to any locking angle
    High-quality rubber mat provides shock-resistant and slip-resistant grip without scratching the handlebar
    Anti-aging, solid and able to withstand extended exposure to sunlight and rain
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  • 03-14-2014
    Not a terrible solution to mounting a torch to a handlebar, but it is kind of ugly. For $17 I would expect something a little nicer looking and functional. That screw sticking out of the bottom is no good, I think what you really want is a cam-lever to make it really tight.

    If you could get something like this, but cnc'ed out of aluminum it would be a big seller.

    Thanks for the post though, I'm always on the lookout for new mounts.

    Fenix ALB-10 Quick-Release Bike Mount - Fenix-Store