As a result of poor cord routing I broke a couple of wires right where the cord enters the battery pack (last year's round type). I didn't have enough cord exposed to splice the wires so I pried off the plastic grommet @ the battery pack. I ended up breaking that too because I thought it was a press-in type grommet but it ended up being a threaded grommet w/nut so when I got it pried off it pulled all the wires away from their connections inside the battery . Now I need to figure out how to open the battery container and reconnect all the leads. As far as I can tell the top & bottom caps are pressed & glued so I really have now idea how to proceed from this point. The light is only a year old and works quite well so I would like to get it up & working again but I can't see that it would be worth buying a new battery pack since they are > $200 and the MagicShines are only $90 for a complete light (I already bought a MagicShine and it is comparable to the Nite Flux although I still like the Nite Flux a little better if I can get it working again).fficeffice" />>>