I wanted to run my Wilma on my porteur rack so I started off with the Paul Gino. Nice piece that screws right to the rack eyelt, but it didn't stick out far enough to clear my bag. And it's a little robust for what it is. I was afraid that if it hit the ground or other immovable object that it would at least rip off the eyelet on the rack.

Next, I tried the Nitto unit. It sticks out farther so my Wilma head clears the bag, but it's even more robust and heavier than the Paul Gino. On top of that, the mounting bolt is larger than the rack eyelet. That's the Nitto on top and the Paul on the bottom.

What I needed was a longer mount to clear my bag, and a much cheesier mount so it self destructs rather than destroying the rack eyelet, hopefully. Actually, I was fairly confident that I can produce a much crappier mount without much effort, and sure enough!

This one, made from a length of PVC pipe, two machine screws, and a metal tab, sticks out far enough that the Wilma head clears my bag, in addition to dropping it a little for even more clearance. And it's reasonably sure to self destruct better than the good stuff.