The Nitecore TM11 (aka Tiny Monster) is a flashlight of similar dimensions to Exposures Six Pack. It is rated at 2000 lumens for 75 min on max ,1100 lumens for 3 hours & 550 lumens for over 7 hours and you can pick one up for as $250.
Once you figured out a decent mounting system it could well be a cheap alternative to the mega dollar self-contained lights from Lupine & Exposure - plus it looks like it would "throw" further as well.
I stumbled across a German website that has lots of beamshots of mainly flashlights/torches, but it also includes some Lupine lights. It has a page where you can directly compare two different lights which is pretty helpful.
I'll post the link from my end already translated from German to English, but I'm not sure if it will come through like that.



ps, If you are into flashlights, check out the beamshots of the Olight SR-90 - it is something else!

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