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    looking for replacement battery for Nimh 6 V 4.0 Ah TurboCat lights

    The nickel-metal hydride, 6 volt, 4.0 Ah, BATTERY to power the S-10 and S-15 lights.

    want same battery it came with the 5 (green battery)pack has "4000 mAh" "Japan FLH" marked on each battery .

    Any place I can order these ? Any link input appreciated D

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    Factory Direct

    My earlier long answer disappeared... So here is the short version.

    Order direct from the factory

    TurboCat Bicycle Lighting Systems

    P.S. I still have my S47, S25 and Trailguide systems, even though I haven't used them in a while... Such nice lights.

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    There are many 6.0V Ni-MH battery packs available at BatterySpace that you would not have to mess around with re-connecting up the single cells. Since you already have your old pack open, just transfer over the original cable.

    BatterySpace 6V NiMH Battery Packs / Chargers


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