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    li-ion vs lithium ion , any real difference?

    Looking for a upgraded battery for my Gemini duo.

    Action has the 4 cell Gemini ( 5200 mah lithium) for $55 and the magic shine li ion (5600mah) for $51. Any advantage of one over the other?

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    I cannot vouch for the quality of one brand vs the other, but Li-Ion is just an abbreviation for Lithium-Ion. I think there is a battery thread that will talk about what type of cells, quality etc of one brand or another.

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    Yep, 5600 mah is 400 mah more than 5200 mah. Milliamp hours are a measure of the total electric charge the battery can hold. The amount of current the light will draw is based on the internal resistance (brightness) so for a given brightness more mah means it will last longer. Always get the highest mah/$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael1 View Post
    Always get the highest mah/$.
    Battery ratings are often significantly overstated at the lower prices.

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    How about Samsung batteries?

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