Kudos to Niterider

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  • 01-03-2013
    Kudos to Niterider
    A few months ago, I purchased a Niterider Lumina 350 from REI. It only came with a bar mount, but I heard that the helmet mount that comes with the 650 should work.

    I emailed Niterider customer service, and asked if I could purchase the helmet mount separately. Craig Wilson from their customer service department asked me for my address and shipped me a helmet mount at no charge!

    That's great customer service. They're earned a customer for life.
  • 01-03-2013
    w00t! I agree that there's something to be said about great customer service these days. Its getting to be a rare thing and deserves recognition.
  • 01-07-2013
    I have had the same great experience with NiteRider's customer service. Numerous issues with battery pack and charger but on all occasions, no questions asked, exchanged for new or like-new parts every time.
    Similar experiences with saris cyclops powertap units.
  • 02-28-2013
    Same experience. I asked if they had upgraded their Pro600 mount and they sent a few of the new style. I now own 2 Pro 600 lights and 3 Solas tail lights. They are a great company to deal with.