Issue with Serfas 1500

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  • 12-11-2011
    Issue with Serfas 1500
    Hi All,

    For some odd reason, the blue indicator light on the head unit, turns into blinking red
    after less than one hour.
    The head unit is quite cold and it looks like the beam stays on 1500 lumen.

    It happens in three different units. The local dealer will check it out with Serfas but I thought to get some inputs from you guys...

    Cheers :thumbsup:
  • 12-11-2011
    What is the longest you have run your light on high after the light changes? On the mtbr customer review page, one owner of the 1500 complained that it was getting very short run times and that he had tried a couple different head units and had the same results. Try a controlled run test in front of a fan and see how long your actual run times are. I believe your supposed to get 2.5 hours on high with that light, if it's falling way short see if you can get your money back as you would be the second one reporting bad run times. Hopefully Serfas can resolve this issue though, as it seems like a very good light in design and output.
  • 12-11-2011
    I've sold several of these lights to customers and other staff and I have used four of them (two at a time!) myself in varying situations. I sent two back after reporting the issue to Norco and Serfas requested them back for testing and replaced them for me. Seems like at full burn, they die at 2hrs. If you cycle through (full charge to full discharge) four or five times before use, you can get an extra half hr. Thats what the guys at Norco did.
    As for the charge indicator warning light going from blue to red, I've found that it seems to do it very prematurely. All four lights started to flash red around the button after about half an hour. Then if I stepped down to the next setting, it would flash red again about 20mins after that, and then again. So I didn't bother as the flashing red thing clearly is premature if I can get two hours out of the "overdrive" setting before they shut off.
  • 01-02-2012
    I have 2 lights and 1 spare battery. I tested the light2 after the first charge up. The lights were only evaluated on "Overdrive" which is full bright. Light one went about an hour before the red warning light came on. The beam would then dim for a second every 15 minutes or so as a further warning I assume. The light lasted for 2 hours 15 minutes without dimming down and then shut off abruptly. That is pretty close to the 2.5 hr. rating. The second light didn't do quite as well at 2 hours 3 minutes on its first charge up. I have not tested the lights on "high" which is the 2nd brightest setting, but should get nearly another hour of operation, and still be stupid bright. It will be interesting to see if further charge cycles improve run times. I'll post back when I get more info.
    These lights are really nicely made, run cool, and the mounts work well on my helmet and bars. The light beam pattern is excellent, providing enough light to ride at speed. For commuting I aim the hot spot about 20-25 feet out, and have no motorists blinking dimmers at me due to retina discomfort. I could still see way down the road.