First paragraph is a cross-post from my Dummy thread over in Cargo Bikes. Images there if interested...

B&M LIGHTS: I've only temporarially routed the cables so I could go for this ride. I'll need to take a half hour or two this weekend to clean them up and make everything permanant. That said, these are great lights. The CYO-T provides an AMAZINGLY bright light, focused on the road as it should be. The wide-view running lights (the T in the model) provide good wide close-in light. The focused beam is good far away. I wasn't worried about missing things as I went around in the dark park, lightly lit side streets while viewing xmas lights, or on the major roads. The Toplight Plus tail light worked well, as far as I could tell. Every time I glanced back I could see a red glow following along behind. The standlight turns off with a switch when you reach your destination, which is a nice touch. I didn't have any worries about traffic between the two.

Everyone says that the B&M dynamo lights are the best. I can see why; reasonably priced (compared to other good lights), lots of light, easy to install, and weather-safe.

I originally ordered the CYO-RT (integrated reflector, wider beam, little less lumens). However, Harris Cyclery had a mixup with wrong SKU tags, and I ended up with the CYO-T. I'll have to commute with these for a few days before I decide if I'm going to exchange for the -RT, but right now I'm thinking that I won't bother. I have plenty of light, good enough close in vision, and am not interested in the (minor) hassle of exchange if it isn't going to be a big difference. The integrated reflector in the RT is nice as a last-ditch effort if the light goes out, but I can always stick a front reflector on if needed. As long as the light is working, there's really no reason to bother.