• 07-11-2012
    how are gemini and lupine lights at overheating?
    Wondering how you Gemini and Lupine owners experiences have been with overheating in hot climates? In particular Gemini's Olympia and Xera and the Lupine's Betty, Wilma and Pico.

    I'm in TX so sometimes it's still in the 90's at night. Currently I have a Magic Shine 870 and 808. When it's hot, the 808 seems to do fairly well but the 870 seems to overheat and power down often unless I'm moving at a fast pace. I'd like to upgrade to something where this isn't as much of a concern. The Gemini lights are attractive because of the price but heat dissipation and longevity are probably my first priority.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  • 07-11-2012
    Had a chance to try out my MS808e's and Piko 3 ( both at full power) earlier this year in hot AZ nights - no problems. They got hot but were able to handle the heat.
  • 07-12-2012
    My Olympia and Xera lights have been trouble free so far in the Phoenix heat (100 + at night). When I trail ride I turn the lights down or off for anything other than a brief stops and while I never run the Oympia on high on the street, the Xera sits through traffic light cycles with no problems on high. These lights are also programable in 10% power steps,
    so you can set them at a lower setting for the hotter nights if you want to.
  • 08-02-2012
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