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    glasses for night riding

    Never have rode at night before but have an event coming up in a couple of weeks. What should I wear for eye protection, clear lenses or yellow tinted? I have worn the yellow tinted in the woods during the day and it seemed to work fine in the darker areas but not sure about the complete darkness.

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    Definitely clear lenses if you have them

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    I use a clear lens also. I haven't tried a yellow lens with the newer led lights, there's probably no benefit to doing that. With older halogen lights it looked pretty wonky.

    The yellow works good even up to near complete darkness, but that's with broad spectrum daylight. The lights have a narrower spectrum, so everything looks weird. IMO

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    Yeah I would suggest clear lenses with an "AR" coating. Also helps to carry some kind of "anti-fog" liquid to apply before ( or during ) your ride. If glare is an issue you might consider switching or using lamps that are using the newer "neutral white" LED's.

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    Clear, no question.

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    I wear clear safety glasses after dark. Hell being I ride mostly wooded trails I wear safety glasses that have UV protection (slight kind of yellowish hew to them) during the day, not sure how they work with good 3c tint lights after dark though.
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