This is my 1st time review of a product so bear with me. I'm not very. technical with something like this but here goes. (see link at bottom of review).
I did this testing and am not making a nickle out of it, only being able to keep the items. The lights mounted easily with a bright green strap to my Space Bar.
The light itself is about 2" by 3" square. The strobe function can be seen far away even in the daytime, and at light for several blocks. The main headlight has 4 settings, each brighter with a push of the button. The lights will light up just about any street, but you can't focus them. If trail riding they should provide more than enough light for trails. The cable from the light to battery (li-ion 6 pack) was th light DX sent, though you can buy the hard case for 4 batteries).
The battery pack can either be strapped to a spot on the bike or has a loop so you can run a strap through. Recharging the batteries took about 3 hours +/-. The only thing I see is needed is that a small amount of sealer needs to be placed between the lights up front and the button housing at the rear.

Hope I ddn't mess this up too bad