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    Exposure Revo mk1 dynohub package. Not working 100 % Please help with diagnosis.

    Hello, as the title suggest, I have just mounted my dyno hub Exposure Revo Mk1 system to my bike. After installing the wiring, I spun the wheel to see if it lights up. Wasn't working. I checked the wiring where it connects to the hub plug a few times to see that it is making full contact. As far as I can see, it is.
    I then spun the wheel again, after about a minute of spinning the wheel by hand, it started to light up. But only 2 of the 4 globes lit up. I then rechecked all the wiring, on the light and on the wheel, couldn't find any faults, so I kept spinning the wheel by hand for a few minutes hoping that all globes would light up. But no luck. Just can't get the 4 globes to fully shine.

    Can someone please help diagnose my set up. Perhaps I have done something wrong that I haven't detected ? I have mounted a Shimano wheel with a different light before which has a similar wiring plug system and got that working fine. But im unable to get this one going.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.

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    I'm having the exact same problem. I'm sorry I don't have a solution. I've tried re-wiring, but have had no luck as of yet. I'm attaching myself to this thread in case a solution arises. Thanks.

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    Two questions

    (1) how fast are you spinning the wheel by hand &

    (2) what happens if you take the bike for a ride.

    The reason I ask is that I understand that the standlight circuit operates on only 2 of the four leds & I suspect that spinning it by hand is simply not getting enough speed to fully power the light. Taking it for a ride will overcome that issue at around 8 km/h.

    It also explains why it took a minute or so to first power up - the capacitors would be fully discharged & it takes a little bit to get them up to operating voltage.

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    Hi Folks,

    Bruce is right, take it for a ride, all 4 led's should come to life once you hit 12-15 MPH.
    Check out the user guide that came with the light.

    Let us know if we can be of further help.
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    Hey fella's. Just to give an update, as I don't want to put any doubts in peoples minds about this product.

    I totally under estimated the capacity of this light. As hard as I tried to get this thing running on 4 lights by hand, no matter how much I spun or for how long, she just wouldn't fire up ! Only 2 would run.

    I ended up taking it for a good ride. The light needs a bit of grunt to get going. I had to sit on over 20 km/h for a good minute or so pedalling to get the 4 lights glowing. So from my end, she's all sweet.

    Admittedly I was initially surprised how much juice it needed to fire up. But that's only a minor concern for the first minute or 2 into your ride. After that she blazes nice and bright. I have read different reviews about this light on various sites. It is a very bright light. I would say just about perfect for road/commuting. Some reviews stated that it was as bright as a car light. That's just baloney ! It is nowhere near that bright and well really, it doesn't need to be for the road. It lights up plenty of the road for speeds at 20-30 km/h.

    I have noticed a little bit of vibration at close to and over 40 km/h and also a little noise and lower speeds when initially setting into your ride. But those are very minor. They don't phase me in the slightest.

    As far as drag is concerned, honestly at cruising speeds of between 20-35 km/h pretty much nada ! I just don't think I can detect much at all. There has to be some there, there must be ! The light has to draw energy from somewhere to create light. But for me no problem at all. I may have noticed a little drag above 40 km/h ? But I rarely do those speeds so it's of no concern.

    I'd say this set up would be mighty for MTBers as any drag that may be detectable would be even less so off road. 800 lumen may not be enough for hard core MTBers at night. But the positives are that you have a constant and reliable light set up. Back it up with a good head light or second bar mounted light and you have a sweet set up. Oh ! I must also mention, the stand light on this thing is excellent ! 2 lights stay lit after you have stopped riding for bloody ages !

    If I was to rate this set up out of 10, I would give it a 9. Ive taken only one point off for very minor inconveniences, a 3rd of point off for ever so slightly detectable vibration and noise, another 3rd of a point off for a red colour which i'm not all that wrapped about. It could have been a deeper cherry red. But that's just my personal taste. And another .4 of a point off for not having a switch. There are times through out the day when the light is simply not required. Plenty of sun here in Oz I really do think Exposure should think about building a switch into this light in it's next generation model, or at least some kind of option to have one, rather than having to disconnect it from the port. It would just make it a little neater and a more complete set up.

    I hope this helps anyone out there who may be considering this set up. I highly recommend it !


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