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    Good job! Dinotte xml3, Gloworm x2, or Gemini Duo?

    Hello everyone,

    I am a newb to the bike light world and need some advise. I ride on a dark highway about 70% of the time and about 30% on a hybrid in town with street lights present. My rides are usually less than 2 hrs. I have been looking at the dinotte xml-3, gloworm x2, and Gemini Duo. It looks like many perfer the gloworm over the duo by a few threads I have read. I hear mix reviews with Dinotte. But the 3xML looks sweet especially with the lumen output. But I have the admit I like the way the gemini looks from the three. I need to have a good flash mode on the light. I will most likely be using 1 light in the bars so I'm trying to make the right decision. Also I've noticed gloworm may be releasing an updated model. Just to confirm the dinotte batteries are not compatible with magicshine, Gloworm, or Gemini? How are the batteries with these companies. I see that magicshine batteries cost less then the others. Should I wait a few weeks and see what is released? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Well, I had that Magicshine model that came out a year or 2 ago that was sort of the"game changer" in the light world with a claimed 900L output(realistic 600 -700L) and was very impressed with it for the money (about $100). However, I wanted to try something new and more powerful, and, like you, ended up between the Gemini Duo and Gloworm X2. Seeing as Gemini was started by a guy from Victoria, Canada, I was leaning this way as thats where I'm from but ultimately chose the Gloworm and heres why. Its waterPROOF and thats a biggie where I live, the ability to mount at the front of the helmet(the mounting system in general seems more thought out), the remote is really neat as its easy to adjust the light without moving it and finally, the beam pattern seems to be slightly superior from what I've read. I also like the Panasonic 4 cell 5800mAH vs the Samsung 5400(?) of the Gemini, although I don't know if this is superior in reality.
    Compared to my Magicshine its simply astonishing. I thought the Magicshine was bright(I got noticed and respect from cars and lots of comments from people some quite negative because its so bright) but this blows it away with a much brighter, whiter and more even flood yet goes farther due to power. The Magicshine was like a flashlight pattern with a bright dot surrounded by weaker flood but this seems much more refined with much more useable light. I will mirror what others have said that the med to high doesn't look that different. I mount mine on my helmet as opposed to the bars with the Magicshine. The helmet mount is far better in my opinion as the beam is always there, plus if you want a car to see you you just look at it! Unfortunately I have yet to use the flash mode. The user programable feature of the Gemini may be a feature that appeals to you but the selection already in the X2 is fine for me. I can tell you that the X2 would be a great light for what you need it for, you WILL be noticed and given much more respect by vehicles with these bright lights. It seems to force drivers to suddenly actually pay attention, something they should always do. You'll also be able to see where you go really well. It is a very tiny light, even smaller than I had thought. Love it. Oh, and unlike the magicshine, I don't need to constantly adjust its position from bumps. Hope this helps a bit, I found user experiences helped me decide but if I were you I may wait it out for the next gen lights, if you can wait(I couldn't)

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    Hi Guys,

    I'd just like to add that all Glwoorm lights will now feature a new user interface allowing the user to create two customised programmes. You will be able to adjust the light level of each setting and choose between a flash function, super dim or emergency beacon fucntion.....but best of all you can set up two programmes in the same light for two different uses!


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    No experience with Gloworm, but have had a couple of the cheap knock-offs and have also had a number of Dinotte lights.

    I would say go for Dinotte. The quality is there, the customer support is there and they produce really good lights. I have the older version XML3 and it is fantastic, the newer version sounds like is it much brighter while maintaining a nice shape light.

    I would never ride with a single light. I use one on the bars and one on the helmet. If you are going to consider only one light make it a good one. You might also want to consider getting a really cheap flashlight to keep as a backup in the event of light failure or a crash that takes your light out. One light = single point of failure.

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    Thanks for all the info.

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