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    Did any one sean the new dinotte 1200L ?

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    Looks like an old betty

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUGY
    Dinotte has some really great lights, I know as I've owned their 200L and 600L, but really their website has to be one of the worst from a navigation and information presentation point of view. I don't understand how a company that sells almost exclusively over the net doesn't even have pictures of their latest product posted. The picture of the 1200L in the online store is exactly the same as the 800L which obviously isn't the case since the 1200L is supposed to be a 6 LED light and the 800L is a 4 LED. Seriously, how hard would it be to take a couple of quick pictures of your latest product and display them prominently on the home page?

    *edit* I finally found some pictures in the Photography section after digging around for a bit, but really it shouldn't be that hard.

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    Just got one and posted this review with beamshots:

    Great light. Really like it.


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