I'm looking to add another loner light so i can continue to offer night riding experience's to those in my area that haven't tried it yet.I'm in a situation that it doesn't matter whether i purchase something for the handle bars or helmet.The Stryker sounds very nice for the bars at 52lux,and i could if still available trade in my MS.
But for the helmet i could sure use some advice. Both the Piko and Mk2 with pigyback battery are priced close enough.Where i gets confusing for me is they both are claiming 2 1/2 run times with two cell battery, but the Mk2 has an extra XPG. Would have to guess it's been underdriven quite a bit. Would three under driven XPG's be brighter than the two hard driven XPG's from the Piko?? Francios if your out there, i know you have seen both in action.Cheers!!