Hi all,

Has anyone else had issues with the new capacitive switching on the Exposure Toro Mk6? I've had 3 new units, all with varying degrees of switching problems. None have worked as claimed they should. My first unit would hardly turn on. All 3 will not work with any sort of gloves. With all 3, it is impossible to scroll thru the 10 programs, as that requires the switch to work correctly and allow 10 repetitive button presses. I'm lucky to get 2 to 3 if it even responds at all (see video attached)

Has anyone else had problems? Am I just unlucky? It's a great light when I can get it turned on! Exposure have suggested there was a small batch of Toro Mk6s with switch issues, but to get 2 with this problem in a row would be unlucky. To get 3 would be implausible!... Exposure have offered to fix it, which will require me to send the unit back to the UK from Australia. This will mean I'm without a decent light for a couple of weeks with winter looming large here in Oz....


From the exposure website :

"Capacitive Switching

Capacitive Switching increases the ease of mode changing. The backcap of the light acts as a button, simply touch the back above the OSD screen to change mode. It intelligently senses pressure so whether you’re wearing big winter gloves or just not wanting to take your eyes off the route ahead, simplified switching is a touch away."