Another fairly universal item send to me for a review

Like all C&B Seen products, this looks good quality.
The mount is made from ABS and is secured to the underneath of their lights via the screw, which is backed up by a sticky pad.
They also supply you with three spare 3M sticky pads.
Two sets of different sized rubber inserts are included to allow for the different handle bar sizes making the mount very secured once adjusted.
CABS-FXDMT Quick Release Handle Bar Mount Review-cbseen-48-.jpg
CABS-FXDMT Quick Release Handle Bar Mount Review-cbseen-32-.jpg

The top section has a cut out for the light lead and is adjustable on a horizontal 360 degree rotation,
which means that the cut out for the lead can be positioned front or rear according to the exit route on your current light.

CABS-FXDMT Quick Release Handle Bar Mount Review-cbseen-29-.jpg

I have used it with the CABS-1200 bar light and this makes the light rock solid with no movement once secured.
CABS-FXDMT Quick Release Handle Bar Mount Review-cbseen-36-.jpg

The only thing I regret is that this was not made with a detachable head bracket.
The QR stays attached to the light, so both are removed and refitted together necessitating the readjustment of the light angle every time this is put back on.

Good and easy to use mount, which can be used on most modern high capacity lights using a M4 mounting bolt hole.

RRP 9.99 (inc UK freepost) (15/12/14)

Accessory sent to me for review by C&B Seen