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    Quote Originally Posted by Gharddog03 View Post
    Very nice pethelman! I have to be monitoring very closely this time. I need one of your tail lamps
    Sounds good Gharddog,
    I try to keep the main web site up to date with relevant info and will definitely be making an announcement there when the new batch is ready to go. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pethelman View Post
    Hey Cat,
    Build #4 is coming sometime in the Sept 2014 timeframe.
    Putting some nice refinements into the design, but the bigger news is that I've lined up some help with assembly. No more waiting lists. I'll be building up a supply of lights and then selling them direct via a new Volusion store. The other new twist is that I've configured all the new lights for default 7.4V operation so that they will plug and play with other system's batteries. Basically, anyone with an existing (or buying) a Magicshine, Gemini, or Gloworm system now has the option of a high-performance taillight add-on.

    Sounds like you've decided to take this to the next step.
    I look forward to the finished product and the new webstore. I also look forward to the finished product UI and how that will work as well as what the mounting options will look like.

    Keeping in line with things that are new; When it comes to a super bright rear lamp I thought I'd throw out some ideas. A programmable UI where the user can program both brightness and flash sequence for any given mode would be a nice thing to have. Another idea would be to offer a UI with two ( or more ) different mode menus. The idea being that the user could pre-program the lamp on a certain menu and have it there for when needed. This idea was first marketed by Gloworm ( *for front lamp ) and it was ( and is ) a super option to have.

    Personally the brightest rear light I own is the Xeccon Geinea rear. I use this lamp a lot but I really wish the the mode I use most ( basic flash ) had a lower intensity level. At night ( full darkness ) I really think I could get by with just half of the intensity. That would also improve run time with the standard battery ( 2200mAh two cell ) which currently last about 3hrs. (*I've since upgraded to a Panasonic 3400mAh two-cell but have yet to test it to see how much more run time I will get. I hope to do that real soon.

    Anyway, apologies to the OP. With the subject of this thread being about "self-contain" rear lights, none of the stuff being talked about in the last couple posts really has anything to do with that.

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