• 05-31-2014
    Best Road/Trail Light w/ Cutoff
    So I've been trying to do some research and find a light that does what modern cars do for example where it reflects the light but with great cutoff. Any recommendations. It seems like the only lights that do that exist in Europe or Germany. I'm in the US. I've seen reviews for the Philips Saferide 80 but I'm worried the light isn't bright enough or has a good enough throw, especially if you are going 20mph on not well lit roads or trails.

    Every bike light review site only discuss lights that shine everywhere including the eyes of other riders and drivers.

  • 05-31-2014
    Peter White has a run down on cutoff lights. The brighter ones are certainly bright enough for 20+ mph.

    headlight beams from Peter White Cycles
  • 06-01-2014
    I thought I read somewhere that the Phillips Safelite has either been discontinued or discontinued in the States. I haven't tracked it since I don't think it's bright enough either.

    I bought a Taz 1000 from Light and Motion for my kids at the University for their night riding and I'm very impressed with it. Very bright and I believe the beam does what you are suggesting.