• 02-04-2013
    Best combo for Exposure Diablo Mk4 -> Toro Mk4 or MaXx-D Mk5 ?
    I'd like to buy Diablo Mk4 for may Giro Remedy helmet.
    Toro and Diablo's beam patterns are identical, so is this a good combo?
    Or more wider pattern of MaXx-D + Diablo is better?

    Total budget is max 600usd
    Will be used for fast technical trail descending for about 1-2 hours..

  • 02-05-2013
    I have the Toro and the Diablo. They're awesome together.
    I run them on medium since they produce plenty of light.
  • 02-09-2013
    Allright, I've ordered my Diablo Mk4.
    I'm currently over my budget, so I think I'll go with cheap 3x xm-l t6 option.
    However, this battery explosion issue is getting me nervous, as I can't risk it in my home (I believe nobody does)