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    ^ Ahh, expired yesterday. Sorry bout dat.

    I have 2 double sets available in my "MY Orders" list, one for $34.99, the other for $40.50.

    They really play around with the prices. Wait a while, and keep checking. I don't think they've sold very many.

    Not sure if you'll see this.

    Wholesale Product Snapshot Product name is 2013Hotsale!! SolarStorm X2 Bike Light 2 CREE U2 LED 2000LM Waterproof Bicycle Light + Intelligent Power Indicate,Freeshiping

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    It says its a snapshot from when you ordered it yesterday at 20:37:46. If that is true you are getting:

    Package content:

    1.1x Cree U2 led bike light

    2.1xBattery pack for the bicycle light

    3.1xcharger for the battery pack

    4.2pcs Spare o-ring

    5.Instruction for use

    6.1xGift Box

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    Hahaha, they tricked a feeble minded roadie with all the 2's in the title. Blame it on my TBI, nevermind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigmode View Post
    Ordered the Solarstorm X2 2fer deal from Ali for $34.xx, free shipping. We'll see how it goes.
    I did the same thing, after reading these forums and trying to figure out just what way to go this year.

    I have one question though... what battery would people buy to enhance this light? I don't really have the patience to DIY, would rather use my credit card to buy something more reliable than what the X2 apparently comes with.

    Has anyone purchased batteries to go with this particular light?

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    You changed the topic overtime The thread is about TF TR-D002

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kir View Post
    2XML lights - Imgur - here are the comparison pics of all my 2XML lights, with D88 as a bonus
    How about some thoughts for D88, and comparison with SSX2. Beam and brightnest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kir View Post - its this one.
    Current on leds will be higher than 1A, probably about 1.5-1.6A on 2 leds in series.

    Compared to other dual lights, here is a current draw from external PSU at 8.4V, all lights at maximum mode:
    TrustFire TR-D002 - 1A
    D99 - 1.3A
    D-50 - 1.4A
    Solarstorm X2 - 2A

    For me it looks like the same output as D99, D-50 and especially SolarStorm X2 are noticably brighter.
    Driver is splitted - PWM controller and voltage indicator (4 stage indicator btw, blue-green-yellow-red) are in the button, power board is in the casing. Thats the typical contruction for lights with external button like MJ-816.

    And no, its not a bad light at all. Its small, uses XM-L2 leds, has external button (!). Light output could be higher, but it should be bright enough for most ppl.
    I'll post detailed pics and measure current on leds soon, gotta measure the battery capacity too.
    The implest way to calculate the power suplied to the leds is to find the power draw from psu: voltage x current. Then multiply with 0.85, which is the average efficiency of a driver. So, a solarstorm unit that takes 2A from psu will deliver about 2x8.4x0.85=14.28watt to the leds, which means about 2A on the leds at 3.3V per led.

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