I have just been talking to dealextreme.

They tell me that the 3 mode Magicshine 808 lights they are currently selling do not have a functioning battery level indicator clicky switch. Nor does the charger indicate any longer whether the battery is charged. Presumably these functions still work on the newer 5 mode light, but I am waiting to hear back from them on that because they didn't know and are going to check. I can live with a charger that doesn't indicate charged, but I am not interested in buying another magicshine if the light head clicky switch no longer indicates battery health. The latter is a feature I really appreciated. I understand the NEW 3 mode version with temp protection has working charger light and clickie switch light. However, it also throws in temperature protection, which then gets me worried that this feature will misbehave and switch the lights to low when you don't want it to .. does anyone have the new 3 mode version? Does it behave?

What funny game is magichine playing? How could a company get things so wrong? All they really needed to do was keep improving the original model - the one I and many others have and really like. Instead they have created multiple variants and confusion.

At the moment I am trying to choose between another magicshine (but the newer 5 or 3 mode version), or the bike ray II or bike ray III....