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Thread: XR-E Q2 BINs

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    XR-E Q2 BINs

    Anybody have a clue when these will be available? I've had an order in with Cutter for 2 months. Beginning to think maybe they won't be coming. Cree could be working on something entirely different.

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    Apparantly there out and delivering, just not to consumers. It is said some defense contracter is buying them all up. Just go with the P4, you probably wont even see any difference.

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    Yeah I have heard similar comments regarding their availability too.

    Unfortunately for the hobbyist and small time businesses its clients like this that LED manufacturers make their big money off, so weíre not likely to see them available any time soon. You just canít compete with manufacturers and businesses who are likely buying thousands of reels of emitters.

    At this stage I have way too many unfinished projects as it is, Iím happy to play with what I have and wait for the higher bins!


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