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    What Batteries for 4S1P


    I'm on the way to build my first bike light. It will by a 3 x XM-L in a small Hammond-style housing, with 4 x 18650 batteries in the housing, driven by a H6Flex.

    I'm intending to take the batteries out and charge them individually. Are there any risks in doing this in a 4S1P setup? What high quality protected batteries can you recommend? I only found the AW battteries, which really are panassonic ones with the added protection. But they have flat heads on both sides, I would prefer the little head, so I can make sure, I can't put them in the housing the wrong way round.

    Thank you for your help.


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    You can rely on the H6flex protection from overdischarge.
    I recommend checking this: Where to get NCR18650 for cheap.
    Those Panasonics have a small button top.
    CNC LED light housing for DIY projects

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