Hey everybody!
I've finally got the kinks worked out and have my Supernova E3 and Nexus front hub playing nice. It was touch and go for a little while there. In the end the problem I was having (the light didn't work) was IN THE HUB. The fine folks at Shimano had tightened the guts too much and the coil/magnet interface wasn't spinning properly.

So first and foremost Thanks need to go out to:
Supernova tech support. They took back what was probably a perfectly fine E3 and replaced it with a another brand new light. 'The hubs don't go bad' they said.
Peter White Cycles. They played middle-man for the whole transaction, tested the first unit, made it work fine, and still hand delivered it to Supernova in Germany during their vacation.
Asheville Pro-Bikes They built the wheels, ordered a Shimano light just for troubleshooting purposes, dove into the front hub when the Shimano light didn't fire and FIXED IT!

Anyway, I'm not sure how you guys measure light output (with a photographic meter of some sort?) but this thing is brighter than my Princeton Tec Switchback 2, that's for darn sure.

Does anyone out there want to give me advise on how to find quantifiable measurements of brightness?