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    Replacement Vistalite bulbs?

    Anyone know where I can get replacement bulbs for Vistalite? I've got the nightstick setup that uses a sort-of-MR-11 bulb. I say "sort of" because regular mr-11's don't quite fit right (I've tried a few).

    I'm looking for the 15w version, but a 10w would be nice to have as well.

    Also, if I understand the system correctly, the H.O.T. bulbs are actually slightly overvolted by a normal 6v battery, so even if I can get a regular MR-11 bulb to fit, I am assuming it will not be as bright.


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    I don't know about Vistalites, but you can try, they provide all types of halogen bulbs for older systems:

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    I bought some replacement bulbs for my Vistalite years ago from REI. I don't use my Vistalite any more though so I haven't checked for replacement bulbs anywhere recently.

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    I've got an old nightstick set up also. I haven't had any luck getting bulbs either. All the MR11's I have been able to find have been 12V, it seems the 6v versions are pretty rare unfortunately.Yes a 12v bulb will be very dim off a 6 v battery.

    It did cross my mind to jam a 12v mr11 in there and run it off a 14.8v battery however then it really would be HOT!

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    I have a set of these lights, purchased some years ago. Recently I thought I would update them, the halogen bulbs being expensive to keep replacing. I bought a couple of the Cutter Cree XR-E 500 kits and set to work.

    I expected to have to remove the bulb connector, but as luck would have it the star sat neatly on the internal casting webs, leaving room to tuck the puck alongside the optic holder. I just had to connect the input leads to the rear of the bulb connector in order to pick up power, leaving the switch in circuit.

    I wired the pucks in buck mode so I could continue to use the original Vista battery pack, which is I think 7.2 volt. I had to cut a couple of circles of thin perspex to be glued into the front covers for protection. I haven't sealed the fronts fully, but following a wet ride home from work the other day I think that might be a good idea. Some clear silicone sealant will do.

    My hybrid bike used for commuting and road rides, with a fair amount of mounted kit:

    External view of the lights:

    With the cover removed, showing the star sitting on the internal webs and the puck alongside:

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