Does anyone here have any experience in converting (or at least considering an experiment) an XM-L reflector design to a projector? I am thinking about those double XM-L designs like MagicShine MJ-880 (projector optics by default), Gemini and Gloworm (projector), Xeccon 1207 (reflector) and the like SolarStorm X2 or FandyFire X2 (reflector). The reflector designs have more room (length) for the optics, because the reflectors are always longer than projector lenses, so replacing reflector with projector optics seem possible mechanically, with some ring spacers (plastic or metal). The other way around might be tricky (projector replaced by reflector). The reflectors are more flood lights because of geometry (same as car headlights), while projector can be tighter beam (xenon projectors are better throw, with no spill outside), so a combo might yield a better pattern for a 1200-1400 lumen.