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    realistic track capacity of edge 305?

    just got my edge 305 (cool toy!)
    about to leave for a 2 week backcountry biking trip, will probably amass around 100 miles or so over 6 or 7 rides, with some smaller loops thrown in. when they say the capacity of the edge is 13000 track points, what is this in real life units? will i get the whole vacation on the unit?

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    I have the 305 recording on "Auto" as recommended in the manual.

    On a road ride, I see 2096 points in 55 miles, 4 hr 47 min time, 14mph avg speed. Longest off road ride, 3725 points in 51 miles over 5 hr 58 min, 9 mph avg speed.

    I would think you have more than enough capacity, based on points, time & distance. Will you be able to charge it? That is likely your shortcoming is battery charge. GeoMan's battery extender is my next needed item.

    Have fun!
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    6071 points on a 74 mile ride and it still had points from previous rides. Quite a bit of this was through thick tree cover. I think your bigger issue will be battery life.
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