So I've got a Marwi Nightpro Elite from a few years ago that is dead, I think the battery is shot. Thinking that it would be a good opportunity to upgrade to an LED setup. Haven't attempted anything like this before, I've been reading this forum and trying to absorb some info. Here's the plan, pick up the Cutter Cree MCE MR11 kit, and a new battery pack. The kit says that it is drop-in, anyone know how much work is required to connect up to switch? Looking at the 370 lumen neutral white option, comments? Lastly, what do I need for a battery pack to drive this? Thinking one of the Li-Ion packs on, what voltage? Planning to cut the wire from the existing dead NiMH pack and use the wire to connect to the new battery. Any tips/tricks are very much appreciated. Thanks.