• 05-07-2009
    Looking to mod a Niterider Sol/Solmate
    I've got this hardly used Solmate that I've used in the past for the helmet, and although the recent DIY projects blow it away in terms of output, the build and mounting system is still top notch in my opinion.

    Soooo, it's time to mod it ! I've seen lots of info on upgrading the Minewts to an SSC P4 U bin, and I'm hoping that the Sol will take the same upgrade. My concern is that the MiNewt is advertising 150 lm and the Sol only 115 lm. So what's the difference, other than Li-ion vs. NiMH battery ? Maybe a different driver since the Sol is only single mode.

    Anyone ?
  • 06-09-2009
    I went ahead and did the upgrade to a P4 U bin from DX. I would post a link but the DX site has been down for a couple of days now.

    Disassembly was very easy - remove the mount screw and four housing screws and pull the body apart. No glue, no threads, just friction fit with a small spring clip on one side of the housing. The emitter board is a simple PCB with no converters, makes sense as its a single mode light. The original emitter was desoldered and the P4 soldered on, added some thermal compound under the emitter where it meets the housing, and put it all back together with some additional compound where the body halves meet. All in all about 20 minutes, it really couldn't be easier.

    The result ? It's better, but nothing spectacular, but then I didn't expect too much. It seems a bit brighter with a larger hot spot and more flood. It's also a bit more blue, I think I like the original tint better.

    Oh well, it was only $5 and 20 minutes. Maybe I can get something more out of it by opening the battery pack and messing with whatever resistor circuit is in place. No way this thing is putting out close the emitter max of 1a.

    See the beamshots below and compared to my DIY single R2 which smokes it. Sorry for the shot quality, had to use the Elf as my SLR had a dead battery.

    Original emitter - New emitter

    Original emitter - New emitter

    New P4 emitter - Cree XR-E R2 DIY