Hi, i've been considering what headlight to get over the past few weeks, my LBS recommended the NiteRider range initially, but the Road Rat had a battery as heavy as a 12V car battery so that was out of the question.

I then started researching the net, and it seemed the Dinotte lights were great, as they received rave reviews. I was having trouble sourcing them in the UK, however i phoned a bike shop in Croydon (won't mention any names for obvious reasons) and they told me they don't sell them anymore but 'may' have some left 'out the back' :?

He came back to the phone and told me that he had two boxes. I travelled from Kent - Croydon, 3hrs roundtrip. He brought the boxes out to the reception area, and the boxes had 'reprogram' written in black marker pen accross the top. I asked him what it meant, and he gave me some spill about it meaning they have been reset to factory default or something and its nothing to be concerned about. The first light switched on but wouldn't switch off, the second light seemed to work fine (in the shop) so i paid my money and left, and then on the way home tested it, and the slightest of vibrations from the car was sending the light into a state of panic, with it flashing on and off (not the on and off you would expect in flashing mode), it then wouldn’t switch on at all, then it switched on and wouldn’t switch off, i then looked at the bottom of it and there was scratch marks all accross the bottom so badly that the silver finish has scraped off, it was obvious that these were not new units, so i turned the car swiftly round, and headed back to the shop for a refund. I politely explained my assumptions to the shop owner, and he said 'oh, i don't know how they ended up back in the box then'........

Anyway, i went back to the drawing board and decided on the new Hope Vision 2 LED - 480 Lumens.

I originally placed my order with Trendz on Sunday, but when i contacted them on Monday they told me that they were out of stock and not expecting a delivery for at least 3 weeks. I was going to wait, until i read on another forum about a chap named Edd who is starting up his new web based cycle parts business and he had two of these in stock!

So I cancelled the order with Trendz, and ordered through Edd.

What a great guy he is, I phoned him up Tuesday evening, he is very professional, i explained that I’m after it as quickly as possible, ordered on Tuesday evening, he posted it yesterday (Wednesday), and it was delivered to my house this morning (Thursday), communication all the way, he phoned me, he emailed me, fantastic customer service.

I can't believe how small and well designed the light unit is, its ever so small but throws out a fantastic beam of light and this was in daytime and with the battery running on empty.

The battery is really reallly small and light, it fits in the palm of your hand, something that i really didn't expect after feeling the weight of the NiteRider RoadRat battery.

If you need any bits i would recommend you give Edd a call first, i picked up the Hope Vision 2 LED - the new 480 Lumen version for £137.00! I saw it advertised for over £200.00 in some places.

Edd/Wheel Adventures – 07796 543 834/email: wheeladventures@hotmail.com